ICCC 2021

2021 the 7th International Conference on Computer and Communications (ICCC)

ICCC 2021 has been held successfully in Chengdu, China once again on Dec. 10-13, 2021, with particial virtual! ICCC 2021已于2021年12月10-13日线下线上结合方式成功举办!






2021 7th International Conference on Computer and Communications (ICCC) has been held successfully from December 10-13, 2021 in Chengdu, China once again, with particial virtual. There were about 420 delegates from 16 countries (China, USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, Ecuador, Egypt, India, Singapore, Colombia, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, South Africa, Philippines) that attended the offline and online conference, several experts in related fields were invited to give keynote speeches. The in-depth discussions among the attendees effectively advanced the academic exchange.

Organizing Committee Co-Chair, Prof. Yang Yang (Sichuan University, China) host the morning keynote session. The Secretary General of Sichuan Institute of Electronics, Ms. Xiang Tao has addressed the opening ceremony of the conference and also expressed her sincere gratitude to the co-organizers and warm welcome to all the experts and scholars attending the conference. At the same time, the Conference General Chair, Prof. Yulin Wang (Wuhan University, China) made remarks at the convention. The Conference Co-Chair,  Prof. Tianrui Li (Institute of Artificial Intelligence), Southwest Jiaotong University China) made TPC address, with brief introduction to the organization of ICCC 2021 and the review process and collection status of articles this year.





We have invited 6 respectable professors to deliver an unusual keynote addresses at the plenary meeting, consisting of  Prof. John C.S. Lui (IEEE Fellow, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong), Prof. Ke Wu (IEEE Fellow, Polytechnique Montreal, Canada), Prof. Jianguo Ma (IEEE Fellow, Guangdong University of Technology, China), Prof. Dusit Niyato (IEEE Fellow, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore), Prof. Min Chen (IEEE Fellow, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China), Assoc. Prof. Feifei Gao (IEEE Fellow, Tsinghua University, China). Moreover, it adds 4 invited speakers and 1 Tutorial "What is HyFi? An Introduction to Hybrid LiFi and WiFi Networks".








Accoring to the review of the organizing committee and discussion organizing committee meeting, There are 8 papers are seleceted as "Best Paper" on Dec.11 afternoon. In addition, the conference was composed of 40 technical oral sessions and 2 poster sessions. Each parallel session went through smoothly and a “Best Presentation” award was issued at the end of sub-conference, with the support of session chairs.


Best Papers Winners of ICCC 2021

C046: On Adaptive Network Deployment for Visible Light Communications
Authored by: Xiping Wu, Avishek Nag, Xianqing Jin

C091: Fast and Efficient Physical Layer Secret Key Generation over Static Wireless Channels
Authored by: Jie Tang, Ruifei Wang, Huanhuan Song, Hong Wen

C101: A Transformer-based CTDNN Structure for Automatic Modulation Recognition
Authored by: Weisi Kong, Qinghai Yang, Xun Jiao, Yukai Niu, Gang Ji

C121: Resource Allocation and Optimization for UAV-Assisted IoT Based on MEC and Blockchain
Authored by: Chengze Zhao, Meng Li, Pengbo Si, Ruizhe Yang, Zhuwei Wang and Yanhua Zhang

C248: Weighted RAFT: An Improved Blockchain Consensus Mechanism for Internet of Things Application
Authored by: Xiaojun Xu, Lu Hou, Yankai Li, Yunxin Geng

C317: Human Activity Recognition Based on Data Fusion of FMCW Radar and Image
Authored by: Wenlong Li, Xinxin Feng, Zhao He and Haifeng Zheng

C380: Joint Optimization for Visible Light Communication and Positioning Based on Information Entropy
Authored by: Jian Dang, Shicheng Gao, Zaichen Zhang, Liang Wu, Bingcheng Zhu and Lei Wang

C478: An Optimation on Iterative Weighing Coefficient of Three Dimensional Turbo Product Code
Authored by: Ning Zhao, Zhongyong Wang, Hua Jiang, Kexian Gong, Peng Sun, Wei Wang

Congratulations! Excellent Paper Presentation Winners

Online Session 1:
C048: COTR: Convolution in Transformer Network for End to End Polyp Detection
Zhiqiang Shen, Fuzhou University, China

Online Session 2:
C063: A Real-time Detection Method of Available Backhaul Capacity in UDN With Backhaul Constraint
Xiaorui Ji, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China
C189: CSI-Based Violent Behavior Detection Method
Huan Liu, Yunnan University, China

Online Session 3:
C234: Design of Time-Triggered service processing flow on Ethernet end system
Zhihai Zheng, Xidian University, China

Online Session 4:
C075: Measurements and Characteristics for Vehicle to Everything Channel in Tunnel Scenario at 5.9GHZ
Zhaoyang Su, Beijing Jiaotong University, China

Online Session 5:
C046: On Adaptive Network Deployment for Visible Light Communications
Xiping Wu, University College Dublin, Ireland

Online Session 6:
C264: Priority Based Adaptive MAC Protocol for UAV Ad Hoc Networks
Xinglin Mou, Southeast University, China

Online Session 7:
C026: Research on a Technical Scheme of Family Group Customer Value Evaluation
Zhongxian Xu, China Mobile Research Institute, China
C130: An Incentive Mechanism for Computation Offloading in Satellite-Terrestrial Internet of Vehicles
Xingyu Zhang, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China

online 8:
C426: 8-12GHz Pre-matched Load Modulation Balanced Power Amplifier
Zheng Yin, Nanjing Electronic Devices Institute, China

Online Session 9:
C508: A Segment List Selection Algorithm Based on Delay in Segment Routing
Lirong Lai, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China

Online Session 10:
C276: Dupopt: A Redundancy Video Analysis Mechanism
Wenwen Li, Beijing Jiaotong University, China

Online Session 11:
C143: A FPGA-based Design and Implementation of Satellite Ground Fusion Downlink
Yang Shi, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China

online 12:
C239: Opportunistic Admissibility and Resource Allocation For Slicing based Radio Access Networks
Long Zhang, Chongqing University of Post and Telecommunications, China

Online Session 13:
C203: A Novel Unet Decoding Strategy for Cervical Cell Mass Segmentation
Guangqi Liu, Shenyang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Online Session 14:
C082: An Improved Multi-period LFM Interference Suppression Method Based on Short-Time Fractional Fourier Transform
Jiaqi Lu, Beijing Microelectronics Technology Institute Beijing, China

Online Session 15:
C225: A Temperature Time Series Forecasting Model Based on DeepAR
Chao Liang, Harbin Engineering University, China

Online Session 16:
C279: Transmission Design and Performance Analysis for a Cognitive NOMA-Based Relay Sharing Network
Yafang Zhang, South China University of Technology, China

Online Session 17:
C051: A High Energy Efficiency and Low Resource Consumption FPGA Accelerator for Convolutional Nerual Network
Houjia Cai, Dalian University of Technology, China
C482: The Design of Holistic Vulnerability Measure Method Integrated with Topological Properties and Security Capabilities for Smart Grid Control System
Shujuan Sun, University of Science and Technology Beijing, China

Online Session 18:
C464: Security Analysis of a Next Generation TF-QKD for Secure Public Key Distribution with Coherent Detection over Classical Optical Fiber Networks
Adrian Chan, McGill University, Canada

Online Session 19:
C362: Dynamic Controller Placement for Software-Defined LEO Network Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
Anqi Wei, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Online Session 20:
C400: A Novel One-Dimensional Convolutional Neural Network for Breast Cancer Classification
Sohaib Asif, Xi'an Jiaotong University & Central South University, China

Online Session 21:
C139: Fully-Supervised Semantic Segmentation Networks: Exploring the Relationship between the Segmentation Networks Learning Ability and the Number of Convolutional Layers
Jiacai Liao, Hunan University, China

online 22:
C138: Weighted Voronoi Sensing Partition Algorithm for Multi-layer Wireless Sensor Network
Xing Zehui, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China

Online Session 23:
C295: ADJSCC-l: SNR-Adaptive JSCC Networks for Multi-Layer Wireless Image Transmission
Xiuwen Bao, Southeast University, China

Online Session 24:
C318: Secure Authentication Scheme for VANET based on Blockchain
Yuyang Cheng, North China University of Technology, China

Online Session 25:
C112: Optimized LRU Algorithm for STT-MRAM/SRAM Hybrid Cache Architecture
Yueting Li, Beihang University, China

Online Session 26:
C081: Time Error Compensation with Neural Network for Time Synchronization in TSN
Haoze Yu, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China

Online Session 27:
C395: Surface Defect Detection Based on Deep Learning and Collaborative Cloud-edge Computation
Shunjie He, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Online Session 28:
C504: Outlier Detection and Abnormal Subspace Search Based on Autoencoder and Genetic Algorithm for High-Dimensional Data
Jiamu Li, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China

online 29:
C513: Time Domain Speech Enhancement using Self-Attention based Subspace Projection
Ding Zhao, Zhejiang University, China

Online Session 30:
C330: An Improved Multi - Target Tracking Trajectory Association Algorithm in Dense Clutter Environment
Wenyan Wang, Harbin Engineering University, China

Online Session 31:
C432: A Novel Visual Object Detection and Distance Estimation Method for HDR Scenes based on Event Camera
Tian-Hao Wu, Advanced Algorithms Research Center China Nanhu Academy of Electronics and Information Technology Jiaxing, China

Online Session 32:
C373: Squeeze-Excitation Based Communication Behavior Recognition Approach for Spectrum Sensing Data
An Lei, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, China

Online Session 33:
C015: Lightweight Stacked Hourglass Network for Efficient Robotic Arm Pose Estimation
Qi Wang, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Online Session 34:
C242: Digital Pre-charging Algorithm for High Accuracy Low Power DTC using Jump Search Scheme
Tao Zhou, Dalian University of Technology, China

Onsite Session 1:
C370: Low Complexity Hybrid Beamforming for Intelligent Reflecting Surface Aided Communication Systems with One-Bit DACs
Yuan Huang, Jinan University, China

Onsite Session 2:
C510: A Joint PAPR Suppression Scheme of DSSS-GFDM System using DFT Precoding and Clipping for Satellite Communications
Huanyu Liu, Sun Yat-sen University, China

Onsite Session 3:
C343: KMRE: An Efficient and Compatible Runtime to Execute Android Application on Linux System
Xiaodong Liu, National University of Defense Technology, China

Onsite Session 4:
Weighted Sum Rate Maximization for Intelligent Reflecting Surface Assisted Multiuser System with Low-Resolution DACs
Si Li, Jinan University, China

Onsite Session 5:
C369: Secure Rate Maximization for Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface Assisted Transmission with Low-resolution DACs
Kexin Li, Jinan University, China

Onsite Session 6:
C471: Learn from Each Other: Comparison and Fusion for Medical Segmentation Loss
Guanqun Sun, Hangzhou Medical College, China

Poster Session 1:
C511: Enhanced DIBR Framework for Free Viewpoint Video
Song Gu, Peking University, Shenzhen Graduate School, China

Poster Session 2:
C059: Design of High Performance SIW Filter in Millimeter Wave Band
Xinhe Shi, University of Science and Technology of China, China


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